Makeroid Beta

A modern app builder without coding

Makeroid is a tool that helps Makers build apps without needing to be able to code.

You just have to drag and drop components and join blocks to make the code. And then we do the magic transforming into an app!

We have powerful tools, like three types of ads or in-app purchases to help you monetize your app or a floating-action-button

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 +5 reviews
  • Pros: 

    More components


    Still have some bugs, but they'll be fixed

    An excellent product!! I highly recommend it!

    Kleyber Derick has used this product for one year.


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Emily HodginsPro@ems_hodge · Community and Marketing, Product Hunt
Hi @pavi2410 👋 tell us a bit about Makeroid. What's makes Makeroid unique?
Evan Petrack@petrev01 · People Researcher; Loves GIS & Data
@pavi2410 @ems_hodge second that! 👍
Diego BarreiroMaker@barreeeiroo · Makeroid CTO
@pavi2410 @ems_hodge Makeroid is a cloud based tool to make Android apps without coding What makes it different from other similar tools is the amazing material design in the UI and apps and the quality and quantity of the avaliable components Also, we are working to bring background services to it and we always are developing new features
Liza Schwartz@liza__schwartz · Blonde who likes startups
@barreeeiroo well, for me as person who don't understand anything in coding it can be useful. Is it easy in use?
Diego BarreiroMaker@barreeeiroo · Makeroid CTO
@liza__schwartz Of course! You just have to drag and drop components (eg.: labels, buttons) and then to 'code' them join blocks as it where Scratch It's very simple and powerful at the same time. You can create amazing apps For example, I've created a chat app with it
Liza Schwartz@liza__schwartz · Blonde who likes startups
@barreeeiroo wow, great
Nader@nadeburg · MD & Traveler
Hello! Congrats! Kindly, if you would summarize the advantages of your service, I would be happy. I am dizzy from the same words! Thank you.
Diego BarreiroMaker@barreeeiroo · Makeroid CTO
@nadeburg Well, we offer quite a lot of features against our competitors First of all, we provide a full support through our user's community, and in case of any server problem a chat with the team that will be answered within 12 hours (all of us are in Eurasian timezones). We like to get in touch with users directly to listen them to improve the service Then, regarding features, a FloatingActionButton, 3 types of ads, ability to add InAppPurchases, lots of sensors; and we are working on background services Our apps are compatible with Android 4.0 or higher, what means that the theme is switched automatically from Holo to MaterialDesign. You can customize the menu, the appearence, everything to make your desired app I've added right now some screenshots of how it looks like
Diego BarreiroMaker@barreeeiroo · Makeroid CTO
@nadeburg Also, you can always develope your own 'plugins' called Extensions and import them to Makeroid extending the functionalities
Bettina R.@bettinadraws · Artist
It's cool that your landing page was done in Mobirise, I'm also building my website using it. Please answer this comment as a reminder for me to come back here when your builder is running again
Diego BarreiroMaker@barreeeiroo · Makeroid CTO
@bettinadraws We know that, sorry a lot We need to get a credit card to enable the paid plan on GoogleCloud and keep it running
Pavitra GolchhaMaker@pavi2410 · Co-Founder, Makeroid
@bettinadraws Server issues has been resolved
Andrew Richard@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
Love the idea and features but you need to work on your server issues. Notify me when builder is online
Diego BarreiroMaker@barreeeiroo · Makeroid CTO
@basictechy Of course As I've said, we need to get a credit card. I will notify you when we have fixed that issue
Pavitra GolchhaMaker@pavi2410 · Co-Founder, Makeroid
@basictechy Server issues has been resolved
NMDMaker@nmd_official · Makeroid Java Developer
@basictechy Hello here is Mika. I'm a java developer of makeroid. We are working dayly on new features. The last update was very big, with many new features. You will find in the near future more features.