Like a user-editable IMDB for product makers

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Great work @ginatrapani and @anildash. Last time we chatted about Makerbase, you said it was a "20%" side project, second to ThinkUp. Is that still the case? Also, upvoting this statement: Great products (and businesses) are built by teams of people in engineering, marketing, design, product, sales, etc. We all know this but so often in tech the focus is put on the "developer" with disregard to other functions.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! Leading up to launch we spent more time getting Makerbase ready, and now we'll split our time between ThinkUp and Makerbase based on how the products are resonating with our users and customers. ThinkUp is doing well, and not going anywhere.
@ginatrapani @rrhoover Nice to see new projects from you, Gina. Your projects & articles have given good amount inspiration during years. :)
Really love the idea behind this. It's a better for makers.
Makerbase launches today. It was inspired by how useful IMDB is for the film and TV industries. The idea is to organize all the contributors to various aspects of a product so that you know who built what. Even failed or closed products can be added to the database. @anildash and @ginatrapani will be in here a bit later to tell us more about the project.
Awesome! Love this idea. I know it is early days, but any plans for adding an API? I'd love for Makerbase to power my portfolio :)
@mubashariqbal API is definitely on our roadmap! Thanks for your kind words.
There are so many "LinkedIn killers" that have popped up over the years, trying to capitalize on LinkedIn's vulnerability, mainly by doing a slicker UX...but polishing up LinkedIn won't give you the next LinkedIn. It'll come out of left field and better suit the workers who are increasingly more likely to be contractors, freelancers, etc. and the projects they make. Makerbase should scare LinkedIn more than anything that's come out over the last 10 years. Props to the team, and good luck.
@adamokane BTW - the "use any of these tools to make [the product]?" thing is a BRILLIANT perk for sponsors.
@adamokane Yes, though I don't see this replacing LinkedIn - I see it replacing the "projects" portion of my profile. This could function as the portfolio companion to LinkedIn's digital CV.