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Discover the stories behind successful Product Hunt launches

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This was a weekend project. I've been collecting these stories and posting them to Medium. I decided to put them on their own domain so they are easily searchable/sortable. You can learn a lot about preparing to be featured on Product Hunt. Some of the makers have been kind enough to give very detailed reports of their traffic/sales/funding as a result of being "hunted". There are some really awesome and enlightening stories there. Let me know if they are other things you would like to see added in the future. I'm considering doing a mashup of AngelList, Crunchbase so we can see funding data. I'm also considering different ways to sort the stories (team size, bootstrapped, funded, whether the company was launched on PH or not). Give me more to do so that I can continue to feed my Product Hunt addiction.
@erictwillis really great thinking! I'll have to link to this site in the 2nd edition! :P
@kikischirr I need to add your book somewhere there as well.
@kikischirr @erictwillis we've got a virtuous cycle going on here where you 2 and PH all win :)
Site's down.
The site isn't loading for me :(
@jadlimcaco @playerize Working on the error now :(
A Product Hunt for Product Hunt stories. How delightfully meta. Nice work!
@_jamesmundy I like the term "delightfully meta!"
@ericwillis Awesome site, I love reading the stories and even before I was really as active on the site read many of the articles. Great to have them collected in one place and that people will be expanding on them.