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I wish I could double upvote this. Great execution and it's interesting to see where things are being created. Although SF and NYC are well-represented, you can see hunts are surfacing from across the world. I expect to see even more diversity over time.
@rrhoover +1. One small change I'd love to see is sidebar with names and faces when you click into a geo rather than the JS alert. Might be cool to cluster faces around the geo-center and put them on the map.
@zackshapiro @rrhoover we're thinking a popup with a list of names, and link to twitter profiles. People want to connect to makers around them. Not everyone can afford SF/NYC :)
@rrhoover I concur! This is amazing. Really interesting insight is that I'm only one of 4 creators from Australia, and that of the 4, 3 of us are from Perth, Western Australia. I think that certainly says something about our little "most isolated capital city in the world" on the west coast. I'd definitely love to see a way to link to a user profile - it'd be a great way to setup a PH meetup here in Perth! Edit: Oops, looks like I misread that. 4 cities have makers, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne being the other 3. Still 3 makers from Perth though!
Discover where people are making the products on Product Hunt. Heard today at the hackathon that 45% of PH monthly active users are outside the US and 95% outside SF
@irosenb awesome idea. Please change the JS alert to something else. :)
@rizzu26 @irosenb We're working on that!
@irosenb I love it. I came up with Small Empires in part because I wanted to show just how much awesome stuff is happening outside of SF.
@alexisohanian @irosenb Thanks man! I loved watching Small Empires! I'm originally from New York but <3 SF :). Is there gonna a second season btw?
@irosenb @alexisohanian @irosenb DOES THE REDDIT ALIEN HAVE ORANGERED EYES?
Love it! There's me! In North Idaho!
Would be fun to see a toggle for Maker vs. Contributor (PH community).
And we're featured again, in the Product Hunt Apps! I've added a newsletter, so if you're interested in keeping up with MapHunt, you should subscribe: