Maker Goals

A new way to manage your Product Hunt goals

Start to manage your Product Hunt goals in the new format, all your goals grouped by space/project columns which makes it more convenient to understand.
You can open your space/project and start using it like a Trello board.
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Hello friends πŸ‘‹ I created this project as part of Product Hunt Makers Festival "The API edition". This is my 3 project which I build with PH API and I think it will be useful for most. Try to use PH goals in the new format, complete your goals, increase your streak and take leaderboard throne. All feedback is welcome. Thanks πŸ˜ƒ
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This is very well done, @nikolay_siabrenko. What's next on the roadmap?
@rrhoover Thanks :) For this project I have some small updates like: change streak system, add comments, add more functions for columns, maybe some feed(for your followers), teams system, 3rd party integration(thinking about roadmap for projects). For the next project, I thinking aside travel industry(have some ideas, but should test it before). On this weekend I finish 3 days workshop of "Design thinking" and now I know where to start.
I think it's useful for most I like it