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#2 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2018

Maker Blogs is simple website that lists and ranks blogs written by your favourite Makers.

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Dear Product Hunt and Makers. πŸ’– Who’s got personal blogs here? I love reading them πŸ₯°. I created this little site to "crowdsource" as many blogs by makers as possible. Please feel free to add your own. Let me know if you find any major bugs and so forth.
@ronald Now I recognise you! Nice work πŸ˜„
@johnonolan haha, yes! Always interesting putting an online avatar to a person IRL. Cheers!
@ronald Congrats on the launch!
@ronald congrats, and thanks for this helpful resource
Hey I made it into the first screenshot! πŸ™Œ This is a great product, bringing all of the maker blogs together in one place is a good idea. Now I won’t have to browse twitter to find good maker blogs!
Dear Maker blog, what is the procedure to upload the blog in this site?
This is great. Any chance there is an OPML file available? Or a way to get updates (weekly?) when new blogs are added?
@scottw Thanks for the suggestion. Working on it! :D
Is it service for blogs from all the different platforms?