Maker Bites

A reddit-style community for makers

Maker Bites is a Reddit/HN style aggregator-based community site that helps surface the experiences, lessons, and thoughts of members of the maker community.
Submissions to Maker Bites include blog posts, interviews, stories, lessons, experiences, and tips.
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Hey guys! I've always enjoyed the content you find on community-based websites like Hacker News and Indie Hackers. Things like blog posts and articles, interviews, stories, transparency posts, and personal experiences have always been a gold mine in terms of the knowledge and advice they contain. But I always felt like there's never a good outlet for spreading the word on this kind of material. Think about it: when you finish writing a new article on your blog or website, how do you go about spreading the word? Most people turn to their social followings (if they have any), and then try submitting to Hacker News, any relevant subreddits (which usually is a waste of time), and maybe to some medium publications. I've set up Maker Bites to help make finding this kind of material easier. I tried to focus on the finding-and-sharing aspect of the content that can help makers and founders. The premise is simple – you sign up, submit new links, and upvote/comment on anything you like. I would appreciate any feedback!
@amrkafina Loved this concept. Simple and useful. Just read article on building your company in 5 hours or less. Thought about a section where we can learn what others are working on?
@justinfinkel Thanks a lot! There's a bio section where users can add a short blurb about their work and projects. I guess I'll have to think of a way to make it more accessible!
@amrkafina Congratulations on the launch! amazing
Looks great !
@mikedane7 Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Love seeing more communities centered on independent makers!
Very interesting! I'll be sure to check it out :)
good job