Amazing audio visual experiment.

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Love experiential sites like this. Deja vu is one of my recent (and super creepy) favorites. cc @suzywillow
Love those kind of experiments
So cool that music track feels too short! I could listen to a full LP album while playing on it ┗(^0^)┓ anyway: ♡ it. BTW @bentossell @mrdobelina I completely share the mesmerization with this kind of experiences. In fact, to be honest, I've been for a long time more than enthralled by them (and related concepts, ideas, or 'things' of course). But hey! We were talking about Make Me Pulse... And.... that great Collection I'm foreseeing about experiments like these on PH! Hahaha Just kidding -------- I'm heading to search bar that collection as I speak ( ͡↑ ͜ʖ ͡↑) Closing thoughts* I just saw Make Me Pulse's homepage, (their works and leitmotif) and.... I just falled in love with them. How wonderful life is. And their studio, indeed. * I feel ashamed for the intrinsic admittance of my ignorance but I had to share it as well. -- Written with Love & Respect. Peace
@cl0_0p @mrdobelina haha :) Create the collection!!!
Wow this is an awesome experience. @rrhoover you'll love this Always quite mesmerised by websites like this! Awesome job. Reminds me of Yume, Deja vu and Because Recollection