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#1 Product of the DayMay 10, 2019
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There's many services like and others that are very useful when you need to make a link shorter.
But what if you need to make your link longer? There's not much you can do.
Meet "make my link longer", the world's first service for making links longer.
  • John Borden
    John BordenCreative Coder from New Mexico

    My links are bigger and longer


    This hasn't boosted the number of matches I get on Tinder. Quite the opposite actually.

    Finally, a tool that helps me overcome my crippling insecurity about small, short links. I tried it out, and sure enough, my links were substantially longer. Feeling confident, I decided to give the ol' dating game a try again and created a Tinder profile with a bunch of shirtless selfies and a few pictures of my newly elongated links. Didn't get any matches, but whatever, with links like these nothing can get me down.

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  • Dima Dewinn
    Dima DewinnCo-founder and CPO

    My link looks bigger than the others in chat rooms.


    Doesn’t fit in a tight address bar

    Feels good

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Wojtek Witkowski
Wojtek Witkowski@pugson · building fun internet things
thanks this is exactly what i didn't know i needed
Lowen@flowen_nl · frontend dev/designer,
Now I've changed my gmail footer link to a long link I can already see more people clicking which makes sense, hey it's long and can't be ignored. This works especially well with very short body texts in the email like 'hi' or 'thx' due to better contrast
Eugene Kudashev
Eugene KudashevMaker@eugenekudashev
@flowen_nl This is an excellent use case, thank you for sharing! Another one that I thought of is when you need to make your school essay longer, like 5000 characters. Instead of writing, you can simply make the sources/references section longer by making the links longer.
The utm params are hilarious: utm_campaign=THIS_TOTALLY_UNOBTRUSIVE_CAMPAIGN_NAME&utm_content=some_sad_place_on_the_internet&more_ridiculous_things_in_your_links=because_why_not&maybe_we_can=write_poetry_in_utm_links&utm_utm_utm_utm_utm_param=bye&oh_and_dont_forget_the_facebook_click_id=thanks
@inthe0n - lol for sure hilarious
Nik McFly
Nik McFlyHunter@nikmcfly · Doing stuff
In the age of inhuman speeds of communication and computation, we often like to cut the bullshit, shorten your links and shut the fuck up not to make any noise. To talk in the clean language and use less space for everything. Be minimalistic. Why not take it less serious? There are so many characters on the screen and bytes in the cloud just sitting around without any reason. What if we lift them up on the podium and crown as the great kings of sweet noise. Eugene's tool is also a bit similar to one of the principles by a Russian critical thinker Mikhail Epstein: contrary to the famous principle of "Occam's razor" ("entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity"), Mikhail sees the task of philosophy as the "multiplication of entities (or 'thinkables') according to possibility". In Russia, this principle has been jokingly called "Epstein's stubble". Laconic links and interfaces are too sterile, they do not have the comfort and vitality of dense thickets and forests. From now on, you can turn links into lianas to make your Internet comments and messages feel like sprawling thickets in the digital jungles. I would consider it as a friendly reminder of the lack of real trees for a better atmosphere and ecology on our planet.
Ali Salah
Ali Salah@alollou · Maker, developer and 🤔️-fanboy