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#3 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2019
Make it in Ukraine is an exclusive network of hand-picked, locally acclaimed creative and technical teams. Build your next website, app, branding or other ambitious projects.
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I recently visited Kyiv 🇺🇦 and met some of the friendliest and skilled designers out there. If you're looking for talent for your next project, I highly recommend collaborating with people from Ukraine!
@pablostanley I wish I could upvote this many times. Glad that we met!
Good morning Product Hunt - even after all those years using the platform, I keep the same level of excitement when I'm launching here. Lot of things happened since my last launch. One year ago, I visited Kyiv, Ukraine, enjoyed the city and decided to settle there for a while. I also met with @shadalabad and we both realised that the level of creativity around was super high. Make it in UA is the fruit of this realization. It's a network of really really really good creative and technical teams from Ukraine. We are matching them with ambitious projects like yours. To make things more personal, we are shooting interviews with each team and gathering them on our platform. Here are our top picks at the moment: • SpiilkaArtkaiAimbulance If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write us here. Special thanks to @pablostanley for hunting us. Fun fact: we met randomly on a rooftop in Kyiv this summer, when we were starting to work on the service 🌆
It feels so good to finally share this. We realised a huge pain point in working/outsourcing to Ukraine. Lot's of companies demand the quality of work for the budget, but many have misconceptions about what's happening in Ukraine, or couldn't deal with things such as timezone differences. Ukraine is home to the best creatives and tech teams in the world. Full stop. They're winning the awards, they have the clients. Per capita, there's really no other country like it. Yet, we realised, a lot of companies here can be super bad at both inbound lead generation and also sales. Make it in Ukraine is a project to bring the best teams in Ukraine to the outside world, solving to core pain points on BOTH sides. If you're looking for creative and tech teams, give us a bell. Much love and thanks to @pablostanley for hunting us. Hope you enjoyed Kiev. @tchret designed and built this entire front end by himself, like a mad man on a mission. <3
@pablostanley @tchret @shadalabad congratulations! This looks excellent!
@jrosstreacher Hi James, glad to hear that )
I'm always impressed by the quality that comes out of Ukraine 👍
@ryan_roberts1 It can be quite staggering at times
I'm always impressed by the quality that comes out from @tchret 👍👍😂
@enzo_avigo 😂🙏🏻 thanks mate
@enzo_avigo He is the real MVP!!
We are a distributed team with engineers in Ukraine, and I can attest to the high quality of talent there!