Make GitHub Great Again

Get your old GitHub back and revert the dark header.

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something called "make X great again" that replaces black color with white... sounds too real to me...
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@picsoung True, and besides. This product cannot be real, we all know that once you go black...
For developers who hate change 💁☝️
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@katesegrin I think it's for developers who hate sudden change and need some time to get used to the new UI. only a few continue using such (bring back old look) extensions after a while.
Developer + hating change = worst combination
Ok apparently I'm Kate now, thanks ph
@brunolemos Exactly my thoughts.
White or black is sucks! Only pink, only Comic Sans! 😊
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@nof1000 nice! lol
This was obviously going to happen. I was about to make this but someone already did so I hunted his product.
More like "Make GitHub GRAYt again"... amirite? 😛