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Listen to countless hours of audio content featuring fiction, shows, documentaries, news stories, podcasts, radio. Experience majelan: moments for all, anytime, anywhere. Push the boundaries of your listening experience & discover how majelan personalizes it.
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Theres a ton of new podcast players coming out recently, even I have helped build one. I would love to know what makes this one different @ludobos
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@aaronoleary thank you for the hunt ! How we differentiate : - Data is the core of the project, at the center we have a search/recommandation engine with machine learning capabilities. I think @thomas_fillon could say more. It is working in english and french, and we will support more languages in the future. When you open the app, it will offer recommandation directly in english for example, based on your consumption, and consumption with all users - Also, today we have two premium offers : a subscription offer when we aggregate contents for our partner producers (one is National Audiovisual Institute) and we produce ourselves. People can buy products individually. Our goal here is to permit to each podcast owner to monetize in a subscription offer or individually - Finally, we decide data is not only for us but also for podcast owners. In few weeks, we will offer freely, consumption statistics for all owners who wants to have a better view of how the contents are read.
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Super app !
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