A framework for rapid email prototyping πŸ’Œ

Maizzle is a new framework for HTML email development, powered by Tailwind CSS and Nunjucks templating. Code email templates any way you like, then style them with Tailwind's utilities - Maizzle takes care of CSS inlining and other email optimizations.
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Cosmin Popovici
Maker of (mostly) email things.
πŸ‘‹ Product Hunt! I built Maizzle because I was tired of manually coding HTML email templates, and I needed a design system to organize my work - hated writing CSS for every template. And that's where Tailwind CSS came in - from there, I simply put together a framework of all the things I needed, then open sourced it. Initially launched last year as a project powered by the Jigsaw static site generator, Maizzle has been rewritten from the ground up and has now evolved into a framework that you can use to develop HTML email templates both locally and on the server. πŸ™ I would love to get your feedback on it, I'm happy to answer any questions! Here are some key features: Tailwind CSS Maizzle uses the Tailwind CSS framework, so you can rapidly prototype HTML emails just by adding classes to your markup. Once satisfied with the dev preview, build for production to generate clean HTML with inlined styles and many other, email-specific optimizations. BYOHTML Maizzle doesn't require learning custom syntax: you write your own, real HTML. There are no hardcoded components burried in the framework core. This enables maximum flexibility, and makes your code more portable, as it should be. Bring Your Own HTML. Build environments Define custom settings for as many build scenarios as you need by simply duplicating the default `config.js`. Using dummy data locally, but fetching from an API when staging? Prettified markup for your colleagues, but minified for production? All possible. Transformers Transform your markup with automatic inlining, unused CSS purging, minification, code prettify, uglify CSS class names, and so much more. Enable, disable, or customize them depending on your build environment. Other features include: - Email optimized code cleanup - Automated tag attributes - Plaintext versions - Image CDN-friendly - Use on the server - ⚑4email support - Easy URL params - Google Fonts - BrowserSync Full documentation and examples available at
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