Affordable group therapy sessions

Maisie is a matching service for group therapy sessions with a licensed professionals. It’s like therapy (you’re still meeting in person), but it’s affordable and done with a small community of peers. No insurance needed.

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Therapy is suuuuper expensive, not affordable to many. $20/session is unheard of, although I'm uncertain how many people will want to speak freely in a group setting. What have you learned so far building Maisie, @matthew_robert_kochakian and @shon3005?
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@shon3005 @rrhoover Hi Ryan! That's the most common hesitation we hear about the concept. The first thing I'd mention is that group therapy is actually a trusted form of mental health care today–it's just tough to find. Like any new friendship, it takes time to be comfortable sharing some things with others. Even in one-on-one therapy, this is a common process. But the idea is that because Circles include the same people each week, the trust grows over time. We've found that often, the community aspect turns out to be group therapy's biggest value. From our research, people want an easier way to connect with a therapist. But they also want to meet people and make friends. That said, sessions aren't only about sharing experiences. They're also about having fun, setting goals, and making friends.
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Hey everyone! We’re excited to launch Maisie and share our vision for affordable mental health care. For too long, mental health has been stigmatized and looked down upon, and options for care are still few and far between. What is out there can be expensive, hard-to-find, and downright confusing. We know firsthand how hard struggling with mental health can be, and after looking for answers we knew there needed to be options out there that work for everyone. Creating them is our goal at Maisie. Here’s how Maisie works: Once you sign up, a member of our team will reach out and get to know you. Then we’ll match you in a group of 4-8 people that share some similar background or experience. We’ll find a meeting time that works for everyone and a licensed mental health professional to lead the group. Each week, you’ll have a chance to meet in person– engage in conversation, ask questions, and set goals. We’ll take care of all the communication, payments, and anything else online and behind the scenes. We’re excited to get started with our first users in NYC. If you live somewhere else, sign up and we’ll be sure to notify you when we’re in your city. And keep in mind, we’re just getting started, so we’ll be looking for feedback as we go along. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or ideas!
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Wow this is amazing!! Do you have some kind of referral program if I invite my friends to join? Also just signed up, looking forward to my first session.
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@vd_thatte good idea!! we'll add that
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@vd_thatte @matthew_robert_kochakian I'm in such 2 minds about this comment. On one hand I think something that helps the mental health of your friends or even strangers should be a top priority to share without incentive. Then I'm brought back down to earth and realise that referral programs do work and anything that can make a project like this grow faster is a good thing.
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@vd_thatte @colinwinhall Just saw this mate but yeah! it can go both ways for sure... I mean on the one hand we definitely don't have the funding or revenue yet to heavily subsidize a referral program but one day we will (hopefully). Honestly more of our goal here is to give really awesome sharing abilities/features to our hosts (the therapists) so that they can get the word out to their existing networks and colleagues. Right now most groups are listed as a line of plaintext on a provider's personal site or as a flyer on a bulletin board, so we're really aiming to totally transform this process.
About to check out the product - I have done group therapy prior and will get back to you on some feedback on this.
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It’s interesting👍🏻
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@lena_sargsyan thanks Lena! also go 🇦🇲