Apply to multiple government programs. Collect up to $1M

MainStreet helps extend your startup's runway – right now.
Our platform helps startups effortlessly discover, apply for, and receive up to $1,000,000 in government stimulus funds, incentives, and tax credits.
We only make money when you make money.
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I am a huge fan of the team. If you are currently struggling with your (US based) startup and you are considering to apply for government incentive programs… use MainStreet. You simply connect your payroll software. They will look into every possible government program for you and tell you what you can receive (not only COVID funds). If along the way they find more new programs they will ping you as well.
@andreasklinger Thanks for hunting us. The MainStreet team appreciates your support.
Hi Product Hunters, this is Doug from MainStreet, here to answer any questions you might have. We help startups extend their runway, by effortlessly connecting them with government stimulus programs, tax credits, and hiring incentives. Startups are usually too busy or too small to pay attention to government incentives - this is a huge mistake - every year, the average startup leaves hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. And, during this current economic crisis, startups will lose out on even more if they aren't paying attention. One interesting note - we had originally planned on launching in early May. However, the events of the last two weeks made us realize that we needed to launch NOW - SMBs and Startups couldn't wait to get help, they needed it immediately. Depending on the size, stage and growth of the startup, they may be eligible to receive significant funding. Here are some rough estimates: -Pre-Seed: Up to $200,000 -Seed: Up to $600,000 -Series A&B: Up to $1,000,000 We couldn't be happier to launch today - we think we're going to do a lot of good, for a lot of startups and their employees.
Looks great and is a useful service, congrats :) Left some tips here on your landing page too, hope it helps and best of luck with this!
Well done and much needed to navigate all the new programs coming out - will be sharing this on le twitter
@danpantelo Thanks, Dan. Hope the team at Marpipe is doing well!
Have you found it difficult to integrate with multiple HR providers? I know that most of them have closed up their APIs.