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I prefer the @getsendy "pay what you send" plan but i'll give your service a try!
Another contender in the game for affordable email marketing. @getsandy may be the most prominent one in the self-hosted corner, but not the first or best one for sure. Dada Mail Project has been around since 1999. And Mailwhizz seems like a Sendy + for about the same price. Lastly, Mailtrain is a rising star - and it's open-source and based on NodeJS.
The Power of Amazon and simplicity of Mailchimp
Definitely looks interesting, but isn't developer friendly, which is a deal breaker for me. From what it looks like, it could be a really affordable option for someone running just their own campaigns.
@ericrdew It would be great if you could explain in detail as to why you feel it is not Developer Friendly. We are soon launching our APIs with documents. Your feedback is valuable for us to make this service even more powerful.
@asamarthya It's good to hear you do plan on releasing an API; I'll likely give it a try once it's out! Being able to create a custom interface and pull metrics into custom graphs is what I look for. I want to provide people a custom dashboard that only has what they need/care about.
Looks good on first impression specially the clean design, will surely check it out. Congrats to the development team.