Give a boost to your #EmailMarketing


vincent galan
@vincentgalan · Oh My Glow
I prefer the @getsendy "pay what you send" plan but i'll give your service a try!
Martin Betz
Another contender in the game for affordable email marketing. @getsandy may be the most prominent one in the self-hosted corner, but not the first or best one for sure. Dada Mail Project has been around since 1999. And Mailwhizz seems like a Sendy + for about the same price. Lastly, Mailtrain is a rising star - and it's open-source and based on NodeJS.
Sean Howell
@seanhowell · Ceo @ Hornetapp
The Power of Amazon and simplicity of Mailchimp
Eric Dew
@ericrdew · Student
Definitely looks interesting, but isn't developer friendly, which is a deal breaker for me. From what it looks like, it could be a really affordable option for someone running just their own campaigns.
Pushkar Gaikwad
@pushkargaikwad · Founder, AeroLeads
Looks good on first impression specially the clean design, will surely check it out. Congrats to the development team.