Free IMAP mailbox integration for effective email marketing

Mailwork is a Chrome extension which let you sell better with instant access

to e-mail history from any web page . Power up Trello, Jira, CRM/CMS and any web site or service with IMAP mailbox integration. Click any e-mail and instantly get the correspondence history in your browser.

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Iliya Garakh
Co-founder & CTO at Passwork
Hey hunters. Mailwork was our internal product but we decided to turn it into OpenSource way. We have a lot of efforts connected with email marketing and usually most of our conversations with customers/leads/clients etc go via e-mail. And we had been looking for a CRM system allowed to seamlessly use our e-mail via IMAP. We wanted our customers to feel that they talked with a real person with origin email address but not strange, long CRM compatible address. And we didn't want to get customer's email from CRM system and look for the conversation with him using 3f party email client. And that's why we have developed Mailwork. Install Chrome extension, set up your IMAP mailbox creds and you can read and send e-mail right from any web page. Just click by any e-mail address (or select it up), then right click and select Mailwork menu. And you will see a history with messages with this particular e-mail. Now you can power up your favourite management tool like Trello, Jira, Basecamp, any of them, with native e-mail support.
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Jeremy Bauer
Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Stoked to try this out! At work we use Exchange, so I don't get to use all the awesome Gmail business extensions. Thanks for making this 🙌