Self hosted newsletter app (Mailchimp clone)

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I'm intrigued! TELL ME MORE! 🤔
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Wow. This is quite a leap forward for free newsletter providers. If this is actively worked on and support for analytics, automation is added like mailchimp, this product could be a huge hit.
@joey_tawadrous agreed. Automation is key nowadays. We currently use mailchimp but are looking at and Amazon SES. Mail train looks prettier and is free, but Sendy has some automation.
@markpecota You really can't knock Mailchimp's usability and set of features, however free is always very enticing!!
@markpecota @joey_tawadrous We ran into limitations with Sendy. Problems with the templates and stability with email layouts. We'd have an email almost done, save it and when we come back, formatting had changed. We were going to have our dev go in and "fix" it, but decided it wasn't worth it.
@sacbookreviewer @markpecota Good to know, thanks for the info :)
Very timely given Mailchimp's recent hostility towards developers
Does anyone know a guide/tutorial teaching how to use something like this? I'd love to try.
would a paid hosting option to support the devs behind this be ironic or antithetical to what it's about? I'd pay for hosting and support just to help keep the project funded
@passingnotes there's an IndieGoGo campaign for supporting Mailtrain Raised funds go to support developing currently missing automation support.