Supercharge your sales process.

Supercharge your sales process with MailTag's Gmail & GSuite browser extension tool.

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Anthony Da Mota
I upvote things that matter.
Haha, I like their privacy policy: "You can read the legal mumbo jumbo for yourself below. But in-case you were curious, we only communicate with Google servers through the Gmail’s API (OAuth) and never store any data present in your inbox. This makes MailTag more secure than many other email products."
Joe SpeiserSerial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Ben and I recently acquired MailTag; this means a new customer service department, stability, and renewed product roadmap. Now we need to earn back everyone's trust. WIP.
This product is great! Amazing updates recently to really track and help with what I need. Must use for everyone!
Leeor CohenCustomer Experience Consultant
Excellent design. Easy to use. Makes my life so much easier having this!
I use to love this product, but like others are saying it went into a state of total disrepair. I was at my wits end, but recently got a response from the new owner Ben ( He admitted that he was working day and night to fix all the problems and assured me things would be great moving forward. Super refreshing to hear that since he probably has thousands of emails to deal with. He even asked how he could specifically help with my own personal billing problems. I'm gonna hang in there and give him a shot. Pros: • When it works, MailTag was invaluable to my business. • New owner shows promise to fix problems and enhance the product. • Professional design Cons: • History of issues with old owner
Ben Cohen
Digital Media Entrepreneur
Thanks for the vote of confidence Josh! We're thrilled to have you with us 😎
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