Send hundreds of personalized emails with Gmail.

#1 Product of the WeekDecember 19, 2019
Mailmeteor is the easiest and privacy-first mail merge add-on for Gmail.
🌠Email a lot of people quickly
🌠Real-time tracking, attachments, alias...
🌠Increase your answer rate dramatically
💫 Send 100 emails a day for free
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Hi everyone 👋 I’m Jean, maker of Mailmeteor. The story begins a year ago. I was then working as a partnership manager in a big startup campus. The job involved tons of discussions with a great number of partners. At some point, it became impossible to keep a close relationship with each of our partners. But I still wanted these people to feel special when reaching out to them by email. Hence the idea to build Mailmeteor: a tool to send mass personalized emails with Gmail. 🌠 Mailmeteor lets you send email campaigns from your Gmail inbox, For your recipients, it is as if you actually wrote each and every email. It means better email deliverability, fewer emails falling into spam and way better opening rates! ⚡️Know when your emails have been opened and clicked, Mailmeteor lets you track emails in real-time. Premium features include email attachments, alias & up to 1500 daily email quota. 🔐 Privacy-first: Mailmeteor never requires access to your private email data while other add-ons can read, modify and delete your emails. It was one of the main reasons we’ve decided to build such a tool of our own. 😻PRODUCT HUNT LAUNCH OFFER: 50% off all annual licenses during the launch day PS: Thank you @joey_tawadrous for hunting us, you rock! Happy sending 💌
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@cuireuncroco you’re very welcome :) I was blown away with how easy it is to use Mailmeteor!
@joey_tawadrous Thanks Joey! For anyone reading this comment, I strongly advise you to look at Joey's projects.
@cuireuncroco @joey_tawadrous Thanks a lot Joey for hunting us!
Super easy to use, generous free plan and more privacy than other options ! (does not require permission to read my emails) 😊
@guillaume_cgd Thanks a lot Guillaume, glad to know that!
@guillaume_cgd Thank you so much Guillaume. I really appreciate that privacy is one of the key feature for you 🔐
It looks amazing! Well done Jean and team :-)
@stanmassueras Thanks a lot Stan for your cheering words!
@stanmassueras Thank you Stan 😊
@vanierrachel Thank you Rachel! Really appreciate your support here 😘
Really easy to use and I love the fact that it's just a Google Sheets Addon. Chrome extensions can grab so much data 😯 Congrats @cuireuncroco and @frenchcooc 👏
@frenchcooc @lionel_paulus1 That's true, it was one of the biggest concern we had when using other mail merge add-ons. Thanks Lionel!
@cuireuncroco @lionel_paulus1 You’re totally right and Google is starting to change that. Thanks a lot Lionel 🙏