Mailist 2

Weekly newsletter of your saved bookmarks

A weekly newsletter sending your own, unread bookmarks. To remind you to get to them! Mailist generates a weekly email that takes random unread articles from your list and reminds you to get to them. Once you do, you cross off the link from your list.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
As someone who used to have 50+ tabs open at all times this has become a necessary part of my daily workflow.
@khasinski Great! Thanks for your support :)
In May 2018, I had naturally come up with a precise idea for a tool I needed myself and decided to develop it. I am a brand designer, and I had (back then) very little coding knowledge. Creating an app on my own was a challenge. It took me a couple of weeks to deliver a fully functional product. First users loved it. I received a lot of positive feedback, and people used the product daily. I wrote an article about how I've managed to learn to code and build an attractive, well-performing simple product. For me, it was a great success. Mailist was eventually haunted on PH, without me even knowing. It was also featured in LifeHacker and Recommendo newsletter. 🧐 Why Mailist? With over 1800 users onboard and 1,5 years of existence of the first version of Mailist, we introduce Mailist 2. Redesigned and equipped with additional features, Mailist can become a perfect reminder for your forgotten bookmarks. With an ability to import your browser's bookmarks it allows you to rediscover things left there for ages. Does it sound good? Here is more... 👇 Free --forever-- plan allows you to add unlimited bookmarks and receive unlimited newsletters (yes!). Pro account, unlocked with a one-time payment, gives you access to advanced features like tagging, newsletter customization, and all upcoming features. Oh, and we have 40 discounted seats! Let us know what you think! We are still learning and are very open for new features suggestions!
Been using Mailist for about a year now and my bookmarks are almost empty. It's a very solid product with top-notch UI 😍I liked it mostly for its simplicity but the new version brings useful features. It's always a pleasure to see creators listening to the voice of their users! I can definitely recommend Mailist to all productivity oriented people. Kudos to the creator!
@b_dobry Thanks man, appreciate it!
Looks great. Congrats on the launch. !
@mikedane7 Thank you for your support!
Simple yet powerful tool to stay organized and productive. I used to have a folder filled with useable links I wanted to read or videos I wanted to watch, I am getting through much more content after I started using Mailist - v2 even better!
@tarek_slimani thanks! And will be even better in the future!