Advanced editor for responsive HTML emails

MailDeveloper is an advanced editor for responsive HTML emails.

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Hey! I'm the maker of MailDeveloper. Really excited to have this project out of beta after months of work. Feedback is very welcome! Martti
@kkdub No :O Still down for you? Edit: There was a bug with query string which disabled a stylesheet. Also resolved DNS issues. Sorry about those, that was embarassing!
This is a beautiful product. Working on responsive email HTML absolutely sucks.
@jsneedles Thanks Jeff, it's still under active development so there's more to come! And yes it does.
Looks very cool, We've been talking about something just like this being missing in the past months :) good luck!
Oh wow. You made my day. I was struggling with html email. Thanks!
Registration seems to have an error. It answers "forbidden".
@llabball I just tried it and it seems to work fine. Could you try again?
@codeclown Have tried again: inside the PH App it fails, in desktop it works.
@llabball The error is most likely due to CSRF protection. Not sure why it happens in the app (using desktop browser myself).