Mailbum allows you to quickly configure a clean, minimalistic email signature which can simply be copy and pasted into your email client.
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Hey! I initially built an even more basic version of Mailbum for my Wife so she could quickly configure a decent looking email signature without messing with any visual editors or raw code. I then thought it may actually be a useful little tool for a wider audience if it was expanded with various fixed templates, logo embed and social icons. A few evenings working on it here and there and here we are. There's various things that are in the works such as installation guides, image hosting, more templates and so on. Long term I think it would be cool to add some basic email templates which could be copy/pasted into your mail software. The focus being on clean, minimal emails avoiding any complexity. If you like it, hate it, or have any suggestions please let me know!
@frasercook This is an awesome tool. Can you confirm whether these are properly accessible for screen readers?
This is super awesome! :D Thanks! It would be great if you could change the color of the social media icons.
@karim_traiaia I'll add this over the weekend :)
@karim_traiaia @frasercook I agree! Would it be flexible color picking? or are there templates?
What a name :)
@hroland_ Thanks haha! My wife came up with it as a joke but I loved it...
Super simple and really useful. I've been looking for ways to have a simple, clean signature. Congratulations @frasercook !
@dlucian Thanks Lucian!
How to use it ?? There's no tutorial... It shows coming soon :(
@andrew_whiteman1 Just click on View Collection, select the signature style, and customize it
@andrew_whiteman1 Hey Abhay, there is no tutorial or documentation currently (it's in the works!). As Mikolaj says, simply click on signatures in the header, click a style you like and enter your details. Once you're happy with it, copy and paste it into your email client settings and off you go! Currently the logo field only accepts a URL to an image. I will be adding image hosting functionality soon.