Mailbox Light

When you come home late and want to get your mail after dark

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I wonder what the neighbors will think when they see you open an illuminated mailbox.
@rrhoover Pulp Fiction
@rrhoover at the first view, i saw a toilet. I was :"oh yeah, let's trash all those useless mails as they are, like good old piece of sh**" haha
This is just a LED light worth at most $5 and they're selling it for $13. They can certainly produce each unit for far, far less than that. A quick search on Amazon for motion-activated LED lights finds plenty that sell in 3-packs for $15 or similar (most include mounting adhesives as well).
@nitrogen It would be good if you could share a specific link. I did a search on Amazon and I found a 3 pack that wasn't motion activated and a 3 pack that was $21 and then charged shipping on top of that. But when I did a search for motion activated LED or motion sensor LED, I wasn't able to find the pack you were talking about.
@trumpstampus Here you go (wasn't sure if it was okay to post Amazon links in PH comments or not): 3-pack for $15: 3-pack for $15: 4-pack for $19: This one doesn't have motion sensors (tap-activated instead), but cost < $6 for a 3-pack: They all have free shipping for Amazon Prime members.
@nitrogen Thanks for sharing! Still ends up more expensive if you only need 1 and according to camelcamelcamel these have been higher so possible they'll go back to those prices, but better deal currently if you end up needing more than 1 light. In general though bulk tends to make pricing cheaper. Last link is useless (no offense) since it's not motion sensed and ends up being a different comparison. Thanks again!
I'm not afraid, so I'm going to continue without a light
"Conquer your mailbox fears in seconds."