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betacoin is the new reservation list... they are so creative
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Don't know if it's OK to link to a Verge article, but couldn't linkt the Mailbox homepage since that's linked to another Mailbox post. In the Verge article they talk about the Beta and give a Direct Download link (also in related links above). I've been using the Mailbox app since day 1 and I love it, really curious to see how they've translated the easy experience onto Mac.
@bramk Use a bit.ly link :)
Jealous of everyone that got their betacoin already! I'm stoked to give this a try...
@mg just got 3 more, give me your email and i'll send you one!
@stefanobernardi Thanks but I got mine too! All taken care of!
@stefanobernardi Could you send me one please? josephblau@gmail.com? Cheers :)
@joe_blau sent! I'm out now :)
@stefanobernardi Thank you so much! I appreciate it.
anyone know the founders? let's get em in the convo!
OMG the #Betacoin is a GIF file, THIS.IS.AWESOME.
@bramk Best signup process ive ever seen
@mutlu82 I know right, that was so damn nice!