Email marketing on a budget using Amazon SES

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This is something we've been doing at for the past 3 years and judging from our rapid growth there's definitely room for others in the market. A little bit peeved at the number of UI and text pieces which have been lifted from our site, but hey-ho. Best of luck.
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@td_evans Thanks for the well wishes. I agree there's definitely a growing demand for more economical email marketing tools using Amazon SES. I've been seeing that myself through a similar solution I've been running for the last 5 years - Mailblast, while still young, I hope ends up being an improvement to what's out there in terms of Amazon SES based solutions. Best of luck to you and the rest of the Team!
@desheikh @td_evans I think has got ya both beat 😜. No subscription - just a one time fee. Would love to hear...why it doesn't have you (P.S. I don't work for Sendy lol)
@james_osullivan I'm a big fan of the Sendy guys, however the main issue with Sendy for a lot of users is the self hosting aspect, which can be a bit painful if your not Tech Savvy. Mailblast is focused at the ease of use aspect. Our next feature (an integrated HTML builder) hopefully out in the next few days is something Sendy doesn't have ;)
@desheikh @james_osullivan Believe me Sendy is great, like Zulfiqar we have a lot of respect for Ben who has made a great self-hosted product. If you're pretty technical it's pretty much unbeatable for price. We came up with our EO as we saw a need for those who wanted to save money but who didn't want the hassle of their own hosting and configuration which can take a while with Sendy (believe me running any service handling lots of data isn't easy). It was a need to solve our own problem. There's a few of us in the same market now and I genuinely believe there's enough space for us all.
@desheikh @td_evans Your Amazon SES solutions (including Sendy) are great for most users, but the market AFAIK still lacks a SES solution which provides decent UI & API for creating/sending 100% dynamic emails (based on specific user data/segmentation)... which is the only reason I'm still unable to implement and enjoy most of these services 😖
Looks great! I've tried are a few alternatives using Amazon SES, that are self hosted like but I love the idea of someone else managing the service !
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Love the clean and simple design inside your app
@koolkoder Thanks Alec! I've spent a lot of time focusing on the UI, so it's great to hear feedback like this.
If I can't trust a site not to plagiarize, then I can't trust it with my email lists.
@holdenthepage With regards to your concern, my Team and I looked at a number of existing solutions in the market, to come up with a UI and feature set we thought would be a great start. That said, I think the screenshots on our landing page are a clear enough indicator of how different Mailblast is from existing services.
@desheikh Arguably, all the text in your hero header is plagiarized. But here's the most obvious: Be better.
@holdenthepage @desheikh Sendy ( was the first to come up with this line. Was then 'plagiarized' multiple times by others.
@benhomie I was living in Singapore in 2011 and working on SimplerSES the same time you guys launched Sendy! Sadly never had the chance to connect.
@holdenthepage @desheikh They stole our entire site design --
how is it better from moonmail? also they have open-source version too
@hbakhtiyor I don't think Moonmail has any form of automation, yet. There are a few in this space though now - Moonmail, us, Mailget, EasySendy and of course Mailblast.
@hbakhtiyor does not charge for storing 1 or 1 milion recipients/contacts. We also provide free builtin list cleaning and email verification:
@hbakhtiyor Is so nice , But I tested ZeroBounce(Email validation services) and they are #1 Ranked by Accu Web, They have 98%+accuracy. I tested over 15 services like ZeroBounce(htps://, and I am so satisfied with their services.
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