Email marketing on a budget using Amazon SES

Would you recommend Mailblast to a friend?


Thomas Evans
@td_evans · COO, EmailOctopus
This is something we've been doing at https://emailoctopus.com for the past 3 years and judging from our rapid growth there's definitely room for others in the market. A little bit peeved at the number of UI and text pieces which have been lifted from our site, but hey-ho. Best of luck.
@paulsavage · Founder, EmailTrainer
Looks great! I've tried are a few alternatives using Amazon SES, that are self hosted like https://sendy.co/ but I love the idea of someone else managing the service !
Alec Joness
Love the clean and simple design inside your app
Holden Page ∆
@holdenthepage · EIC, WorkAfar.com
If I can't trust a site not to plagiarize, then I can't trust it with my email lists.
how is it better from moonmail? also they have open-source version too