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Andrea Loubier
@aloubier · CEO, Mailbird
@Ross I'm so with you there on drag and drop! Also try the Quick Compose feature, its awesome for occasions when you are browsing something and you remember that you need to shoot something off to someone. Even when Mailbird is not active just use a Quick Compose shortcut from the Options menu to pop up a new Window to compose and send an email. Yeah @Bhav… See more
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Ross Currie
@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
I know it's not cool to use Windows anymore, but I do and it's really hard to find a decent desktop mail client. Thunderbird shows its age, and Outlook is really the only other option. After having Outlook wipe half my mail during a failed sync the other week, I went on a hunt and found Mailbird... and I'm pretty blown away. It's a MODERN mail client, built … See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
We often forget about Windows users! They need email clients too!!! @aloubier tell us about Mailbird 2.0 :) I've heard great things
Andrea Loubier
@aloubier · CEO, Mailbird
Hi guys! Yes, cannot wait for Import to be ready, hang in there :) Thanks @Cedrik! You will not be disappointed @Bhavesh. Really looking forward to your feedback guys and also thanks for hunting Mailbird @Ross - thats awesome. Also, we are aggressively working on improvements, so Mailbird will definitely continue to get better and better each day you… See more
Dylan Smith
@dielawn714 · Founder
Windows is still the best Operating Systems out there. I think people like to use OS now because they were being " different" but not they are just sheep following the heard... I am gonna try mailbird out and see how it does.
@cedriking · Programmer, Co-Owner, Studio Quipo inc.
I bought MailBird before it was released to the public, and been using it since; MailBird is a great mail client. Continue the hard work.​