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I know it's not cool to use Windows anymore, but I do and it's really hard to find a decent desktop mail client. Thunderbird shows its age, and Outlook is really the only other option. After having Outlook wipe half my mail during a failed sync the other week, I went on a hunt and found Mailbird... and I'm pretty blown away. It's a MODERN mail client, built for the world we live in today. The two key features of interest to me are: - Unified mailbox: The inboxes for my 7 accounts optionally all appear in one place - Calendar Integration - integrates with Google Calendar or Sunrise (I use Sunrise, so this is rad) It also has a load of integration for things like Wunderlist, Asana, Dropbox, etc. All apps that I use in running my startup. It also has some gimmicky stuff like the option to tweet or share on facebook when you've reached "Inbox Zero", which is a nice touch. Pretty powerful support system that lets you see submitted product feature requests. Generally a great product, though at 2.0 it's still growing (Can't move mail between folders on different accounts yet). I will be starting my transition away from Outlook over the Christmas break
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Thank you for hunting this Ross! @rossdcurrie As a fellow Windows user, I can relate to your situation. I've been looking for a replacement to Outlook. Tried Nylas N1 for some time, but didn't quite liked it. Will surely give this a try. :)
@akshaybharwani I knew I couldn't be the only one in the same boat - word must get out!! I literally lost all my PayPal payment notifications for the last year because of outlook not understanding how to create/sync remote folders properly I think you'll like mailbird - the features it has are very sleek and the ones that are missing I get the impression aren't far behind.
@rossdcurrie I am already using it and loving the design. :)
@rossdcurrie thanks for hunting this. I've been looking for an Outlook replacement, but options are slim
@rossdcurrie I agree it's a great client and behaves more like an app than a clunky piece of old-school software. That is, it's fast. I moved from Thunderbird because of speed issues and Mailbird answered them.
Hi guys! Yes, cannot wait for Import to be ready, hang in there :) Thanks @Cedrik! You will not be disappointed @Bhavesh. Really looking forward to your feedback guys and also thanks for hunting Mailbird @Ross - thats awesome. Also, we are aggressively working on improvements, so Mailbird will definitely continue to get better and better each day you use it. We are super excited about that and why so many people are loving working with a software that is constantly innovating and optimizing the experience. Let me know if you guys have questions! Otherwise enjoy and hope you take advantage of the super Christmas promo we are doing for Mailbird Pro accounts :) For the holidays you can even gift wrap your Mailbird with either Star Wars or Holiday themes. Snowflake theme is definitely a hit right now. Best wishes, happy holidays and wishing you all the most amazing year in 2016.
We often forget about Windows users! They need email clients too!!! @aloubier tell us about Mailbird 2.0 :) I've heard great things
Windows is still the best Operating Systems out there. I think people like to use OS now because they were being " different" but not they are just sheep following the heard... I am gonna try mailbird out and see how it does.
I bought MailBird before it was released to the public, and been using it since; MailBird is a great mail client. Continue the hard work.​