Quickly build a delightful, intuitive social app experience for web, tablet, mobile, and smartwatch. This new UI kit from InVision comes with 78 templates, 26 categories, 250+ elements, dozens of hand-crafted components, and web fonts for easy editing.

We hope you enjoy MAIL!

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Re. the Sketch template: It has no text styles and no symbols, with the exception of a logo symbol. This means if I wanted to change one header's style, I would have to find and select all headers across a dozen pages and hundreds of artboards first. Maybe there is a design team interested enough in this UI ti reverse-engineer it for themselves.

In short: this is a grouping of UI elements and screens, not a helpful kit.




Badly composed

TRUE that, the bar is raised these days. Pixels Perfect just doesn't cut it anymore. Symbols, Libraries, and Sketch hygiene on layers/groups/artboards are a must.
I'd like to see a guide for usage of this template, with Photoshop and perhaps InVision? ;)
Thanks for the heads up!
Hi Lucas. I'm on the marketing team at InVision. Thank you for this feedback! We'll keep it in mind for future UI kits.
We’re excited to share Mail with you! It’s a beautiful cross-platform UI Kit for building great social app experiences. The free kit is tailor-made for desktop, mobile, tablet, and smartwatch formats, so your design looks great on any device. Mail comes in three different color variations—gold, purple, and teal—so it can adapt to a range of brand styles. Can’t wait to see what you create! What do you think?
Great job !! 😊 will try it out 😊
Amazing stuff!