Mail Merge

Mass Personalized Mail in Gmail.

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Amit Agarwal
Google Developers Expert, Web geek
Mail Merge for Gmail is now available as a Google add-on for Google Sheets.
Founder @Conversio
This saved me so much time today whilst doing some research where I had to manually e-mail about 300 people (whose details I got from their respective websites). My problem was that the likes of CampaignMonitor or MailChimp would probably classify this as spam since I was adding someone to a list against their will. Mail Merge was great at automating the manual copy+paste task of sending a generic mail to multiple people.
Eric Metelka
Product Manager, PowerReviews
I've been using an old free version of this tool for months. I didn't even realize that they released a new version. I gladly paid for it. Use case: I use this to send out community trasactional emails that can't be automated via mailgun or we can't spare the resources for. It allows me to quickly message many of our users. I run A/B tests using it as well.