Mai is your personal avatar’s social network, where you can fully express yourself with an avatar that is more personal than emoji & more alive than bitmoji. Fully customize your avatar’s voice, style & movement, with over 120 animations & poses or insert audio from your voice or popular clips, which is then lip-synced in real-time.

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23 Reviews4.8/5
I've known the team for a few years now. Super happy to see them release their first consumer app! Let's get this party started!
Thanks a lot for the support @abalushka
Cool concept, looks awesome! Congrats! 😊
Thanks a lot @iamjuanbosch , we are excited to get going! Appreciate you showing support.
great app that lets you do some pretty stuff already! looking forward to upcoming versions
It's so cool!
really glad you like it @kristina_savchuk , this is just the beginning, but we are very excited to get going.
Thanks so much for hunting us @chrismessina and hello Product Hunt community, we are very excited to be here! We will be here all day to answer your questions and hear your thoughts, very much looking forward to your feedback. @aliamarsy and I are very proud of our team, which includes includes two of the leading illustrators from the show Archer & Ellen’s emoji exploji, software engineers with multiple exits or extensive startup experience, and a number of PhDs or Master’s grads in applied math and data science from Harvard, Oxford and NYU. While mai Social is made to be light-hearted and fun, its mission has broader implications for design and culture. The team aims to help define the intersection of art, science and digital innovation while addressing the underrepresentation of certain identities in character design and digital identity creation. Behind all of this is a long-term interest in what data science and deep learning has to offer for the social world. We posted about our journey thus far on Medium if anyone is interested.
@aliamarsy @itsyourmai @matthewprovo Can you say more about this? "Behind all of this is a long-term interest in what data science and deep learning has to offer for the social world." What real-world applications are you pursuing?
Thanks for your question and continued support @chrismessina When @aliamarsy and I started the company two years ago, we studied the proliferation of voice driven-products but continually wondered what those “AI’s” would look like. We spent well over a year testing a lot of these theories in an R&D capacity…check out the demo below of President Obama’s AI that we built in 6 days. This left us with one big question — what would it take to reduce a 6-day creation process to 60 seconds, and how could we then give those tools to everyone to represent themselves accurately…on their mobile device? That led us to build mai Social as a way to begin to close the gap between these two worlds in what we hope is a really fun way. At the same time it can help prepare all of us for a digital future where interacting with autonomous avatars at work, in a retail store, in the classroom and at my Airbnb is expected. We want to change interaction. We would like to play a role in giving anyone the ability to interact with digital characters who represent brands, ideas and areas of expertise. We believe that mai Social has the chance to unlock access to the knowledge of those who came before and to preserve the learnings of today at scale. Today’s release marks step one in this process, and much of the deep learning driven work we have done along the way will be available to those on the mai Social network soon!
@aliamarsy @matthewprovo cool, thanks for the background!