Mahaton Bottle

Wireless charging, self-cleaning water bottle

A cutting-edge self-cleaning water bottle that stays sterilized and keeps the water inside as pure as it gets - at all time! 99.99% of bacteria eliminated in 90 seconds.
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Hi Product Hunt :) We are excited to launch Mahaton Bottle here. The sterilize feature is what Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle all about. The mercury-free UV-C LED technology from Silicon Valley produces a 99.99% sterilization of Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle and water. With UV-C light at 275nm, it effectively destroys bacteria DNA and RNA strand. Even NASA is using this technology to sterilize their water in space. We're proud to announce our Mahaton as a non-toxic disinfection water bottle, which keeps itself sterilized while not releasing any chemical substance. Mahaton Self-Cleaning Bottle uses green technology to help us protect our planet. I’ll be happy to answer all the questions you have.
@ivy_l1 Hi Ivy! Is this bottle meant to primarily clean the water or the bottle itself. In my Trello board under Entrepreneurial invention ideas I literally have self-cleaning water bottles. As much as I'm looking to buy a water bottle that can sanitize the water, I'm more so looking to not have to clean the water bottle itself as much as I clean mine now. Also do you have any intentions on making larger water bottles like 32/36 oz? This would be great for people who drink a lot of water in small amounts of time or for students like me who don't have easy access to water fountains because we're in class often.
Guys, you may find lots of customers in China! Cheers
@unrealartemg :) Thank you
Personally don't value the bacteria-killing feature that much - maybe it's just me. I would much prefer something with added-value features with either my on-person tech (think earphones/phone) or durability. But what do i know, havent designed a water bottle, and im still using my protein shakers for everyday bottle use.
How are the thermal attributes like? Will it keep my water cool?