Magik Book

The smart paper catalogue that connects to digital devices

Magik Book is the first ever physical catalogue book that links to digital devices. As pages are turned, the smartphone or tablet responds with synchronized videos, animations, music, images, interactive models and more, for an immersive and interactive experience.

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Hello hunters, and thanks for the hunt Mubs! I’m the founder and CEO of Magik Book and we're very excited to be here! We started this project because we believe in a world where physical and digital can be integrated in a seamless experience and conventional AR solutions create awkward user experiences. Even in the digital age, people have strong relationships with real-life objects - not least books. That was the concept that drove the creation of Magik Book, Magik Book combines physical and digital, traditional and contemporary, setting itself apart as a marketing solution and offering brands a real opportunity to stand out in a crowded market. Integrating both elements makes for a more personal and memorable customer experience. Our technology is already patented and is a result of several years of research. Let us know what you think!
@hugofiliper Great product Hugo! I think it's fantastic. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it here. Can you use any device or do the books and devices have to be 'paired'/prepared prior to use? Is there a public app that connects to the books that can anyone download? What's the average price for a complete set?
@internetcaching Hi Thore! Thanks for your feedback. With magik book you can use your own device to connect with the book. We do support all iOS devices and most recent Android devices, so it's quite universal. To be able to connect to the book you have to have the specific app installed on your device. Right now we are customizing all for brands (from the book to the app) but in the near future we'll have a magik book creator that will allow small brands to create the projects by their own with more simple features. Regarding the price, is difficult to say because we are delivering the catalogs and the app and it depends on the number of catalogs and the type of app that the customer wants. We can have very simple apps with small interactions or more complex ones with more interactive elements and connection to online stores... all is possible :)
@hugofiliper Thank you for your reply. It's a great product.
@hugofiliper congrats on the launch. Love the potential of this product. A bridge between a tangible item and in-home purchase for a ton of tangible assets. There's a massive chunk of the population that hasn’t fully committed to the in-app shopping experience and still needs to touch the product at least once. This builds a little bit of digital trust with that same audience as well.
@robpetrozzo Hi Rob! Thanks for your feedback. You are absolutely right. This can help build confidence to specific demographics and is also a great way for brands to tell stories that guide customers through a journey that will help them to understand better the brand's value proposition, the products and to easily buy.
What's the primary use case for this, @hugofiliper? I can see it being useful for show floor demos or in a store like b8ta.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! You are right! It can be very useful for show floor demos in store but also to give customers to take home. For instance we see this as a great tool for car manufacturers to explain more about their cars. Tesla could give a Magik Book catalog to each new customer with details about each car, demo videos and interactive options. We want to convince @Elonmusk to give one of these to each new @Tesla sold. 😊
I would love to offer this to my customer base who currently print catalogs with me. As a print marketer, any plans on offering this through print distributors?
@thad_lockard hi Thad! We are opened To partnerships that can help us scale in our target markets. Contact us via our website and let’s see how we can collaborate.
Looks really interesting! Good job!
@rlvl Thanks Rudy for your kind feedback!