A minimal markdown editor making your writing look magical ✨


MagicDown is a new Markdown editor with tons of features. Quickly type your text in Markdown and see it render in gorgeous typography. MagicDown also has 10 themes to choose from so you can always find the perfect one to make your writing experience magical! Developed by a 16 year old, this is a WIP so expect lots of updates soon!

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ML Tech
  • Nuts)
    Nuts)Technical Writer at Valor Software



    Paid, no demo, no features, useless

    And we see yet another unnecessary so called markdown editor that features nothing new, as we've seen in dozens and dozens other markdown editors.

    Please, just go contribute to atom, the best markdown editor ever created ;)

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  • ML Tech
    ML TechTeaching students CS

    Super fast, one of the best Markdown apps I’ve used! It gets the job done!


    Doesn‘t have too many features. Could be slightly improved upon.

    I have been using MagicDown for some distraction free writing and it works like a charm. It supports a lot of Markdown features like highlights and tables unlike other Markdown apps like Bear. It’s also super fast which is always a bonus. There are 10 themes which is slightly too much as I only use Light and Dark Mode. Also, there is no export feature which woild be my highly requested feature. It is still impressive for someone who is only 16 years old!

    ML Tech has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    This app is really easy to use and it gives users a way to easily manage their text formatting. You no longer need the toolbar anymore!


    There aren't too many features yet, but soon there will be even more

    This is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a simple way to format text efficiently and effectively. I'd give this product a 10/10!

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