A minimal markdown editor making your writing look magical ✨

MagicDown is a new Markdown editor with tons of features. Quickly type your text in Markdown and see it render in gorgeous typography. MagicDown also has 10 themes to choose from so you can always find the perfect one to make your writing experience magical! Developed by a 16 year old, this is a WIP so expect lots of updates soon!

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And we see yet another unnecessary so called markdown editor that features nothing new, as we've seen in dozens and dozens other markdown editors.

Please, just go contribute to atom, the best markdown editor ever created ;)




Paid, no demo, no features, useless

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Hi Nuts)! I created MagicDown as a quick hobby and never expected it to be featured on Product Hunt! I wasn’t heavily focused on features. In the coming months, I’ll continue to improve MagicDown and add some new features! For the next two weeks, MagicDown will be 80% off! Thanks for your feedback and I hope to get in contact so we can discuss on how to improve MagicDown!
Support for VIM bindings?
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@joshuapinter That is not currently planned yet but I’ll add it to the Wish List! Thank you!
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Looks nice! Though I still feel like VIM is the best markdown editor ;)
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Great job!! 😊 I’m looking for an Windows version? Could this be used as for Wordpress?
@ayush_chandra use Jetpack plugin as it has native markdown module. just copy into WP with that plugin and module active and you should be good.
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@ayush_chandra Unfortunately MagicDown runs only on macOS. However, I am currently working on adding an Export feature to help all the writers export their content to multiple blog websites!
When I created MagicDown, I had no idea it would be so popular. I never expected my apps, the hobbies of a 16 year old, to get featured on Product Hunt! As a special thanks for supporting my project and getting it featured on Product Hunt, starting May 29, MagicDown will be 80% off for two weeks and can be bought at $0.99! Thank you everyone! I was focused on implementing the Markdown rendering and creating a non-intrusive design. As I continue to work on MagicDown, I promise to satisfy all the feature requests for everyone who uses this! You can leave your constructive reviews and feature requests by responding here or by DM’ing me on Twitter! Once again, thank you to everyone! I hope to make this one of the BEST Markdown apps!