Magic Video by PicsArt

Transforms videos into moving works of art!

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Hello Product Hunters. We’re proud to introduce Magic Video, an app that transforms your videos into moving works of art. Become a comic book character, be part of an abstract painting or simply color it up with the Rainbow Effect. Magic Video has it all. Our announcement is here ( for your reading pleasure. Try it! Love it! Thank you.
How does this compare to Artisto?
@bentossell Hi. With Magic Video you can customize the look and feel of your videos using numerous blending modes (from Multiply to SoftLight). You can also adjust the Fade and Quality of each Effect. Magic Video also renders faster because each Effect is stored locally on your phone. We hope you like it. Feel free (everyone) to ask questions if you have them. Nate
I always wanted to film Waking Life 2 : Electric Boogaloo on my phone! @PicsArtStudio @nathan_tyler
Testing it out now! Hoping for ability to render non square hd videos to use in music video