Magic Kids

Helping children learn through captivating AR-based lessons

Now kids ages 4-8 have the power to create their own educational experiences anywhere with your iPhone or iPad! Magic Kids helps children learn through immersive, interactive, hands-on lessons using new augmented reality and machine learning technology.
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Since 2015, our team has been innovators in AR and AI technology. We’ve built a partnership of passionate and inspiring developers across the world to create incredible experiences and solutions. Our first successful project was the Space Blasters game, developed and released almost immediately after the release of ARKit. In this game, alien invaders invade your surroundings, and players must defend their space! After Space Blasters, we decided to solve a key business problem with our expertise - and built Faradise. Faradise is a furniture marketplace where users can easily visualize any furniture item indoors, then order it with only a few clicks. This year we have dived into the world of education with Magic Kids! We strive to provide delightful experiences using AR and machine learning technology that will keep our new generation of children entertained, engaged, and more importantly, learning for hours. Our team has worked tirelessly with educators across the US to develop customizable educational lessons specifically for kids ages 4-8. We also believe in promoting education for everyone; Magic Kids donates a free app download for every paid subscription! If you’re passionate about education let us know. We’d love to know what you think about the app! Our very best, Anatoly & Team
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Great one! Will definitely try it with my kid. Congrats on the launch!
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Good job guys!
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Great app! I already shared it with my friends who have kids. Thank you for making this world better!
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Good job! I like it so much
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