Magic 2.0

Detects emotions in real-time and animates selfie-videos

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Hello hunters! We are excited to introduce you to the Magic 2.0! New build by the numbers: - 2,880 hours were spent teaching the neural network to recognize emotions - 1,832 times the phrase “Try another color and shape” was said by Magic’s Art Director to perfect the graphics - 274 cups of coffee were drunk while coding this build - 2 inches of beard were grown by Magic’s CEO to improve face detection and tracking for people with facial hair - 1 iPhone was smashed against the wall by Magic’s Head of Engineering when he read a negative review about bugs in version 1.0 As you can see, the team at Magic spent days and nights developing some top notch AR tech to surprise you and your friends. Try it out and please share your feedback!
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@gabrelyanov so, you can't write now: "No iPhones Were Harmed in the Making of This App"
@gabrelyanov Great work! This is so much more fun that other masking apps. Good luck!
@gabrelyanov have time looking people for colaborate with my ideas or see form possible of work.
@fogueiravb Thanks Vazgen for your feedback!
Meet Magic version 2.0 - the first app that detects facial expressions in real-time and augments your videos with emotion based animations. Version 2.0 introduces greatly improved emotion detection, a simpler UI, and a characters function that works alongside Magic’s unique animated emotional augmentation tech.
@erictwillis Thanks for hunting!
Have you used an open source solution to detect facial expressions?
Really creative use of AR + emotion detection! And it looks great! Good luck 👏🏻
@odedharth Thanks for your feedback!
Omg this is cool