Get whatever you want on demand with no hassle, through SMS

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great video by wired about magic
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Will Magic go the way of WunWun and TaskRabbit or do you think it will be able to keep up with literally ANY legal request?
@sarahbuhr poses a good question. There are several other widely horizontal, on-demand services that failed. Why will this work, @dwmerriman? Also, when will you build a website and/or mobile app or are you brave enough to live off of SMS forever? 😉
@sarahbuhr you nailed it. This will work as a subscription service for everything or free for niche products with added fee after purchase. The only way anyone can order anything is if they raise their prices. Hence pricing out the average consumer. The concept went viral, the ease of use. Its an idea whose time has come but the logistics have yet to be solved. NICHE NICHE NICHE cc: @jdcarlu Yo + Uber = too broad for now.
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This website looks extremely untrustworthy, purely from a design standpoint. I feel a lot of potential users would be put off by this!
@marty Yes, I totally agree, the website was a basic MVP of a website we made today and wasn't finished! We've updated it now.
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@marty @dwmerriman The current website is nice and simple :)