A customizable Apple Music web player with support

Maeve is a customizable Apple Music web player that allows you to customize the site (theme & button style) to your own liking. It also offers integration, lyrics from Genius & an interactive map to check out top charts around the world.

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Hello Product Hunters 👋, I’m thrilled to launch Maeve, a side project of mine to ProductHunt after months of working on it. It started out as I was using Linux at work so installing iTunes to listen to Apple Music was not an option for me. Hence why I decided to make a web player so I could listen to music at work. But I didn’t just want to make a mere player, I wanted it to be personalized and to bring my passion for music into it. That’s how Maeve came about 😄. Maeve offers: - A Progressive Web App to listen to Apple Music and manage your playlists. - Lyrics from Genius (both in a popup and in a full screen view). - integration. After connecting to Lastfm in Settings, you can scrobble your songs to - A proper play queue which behaves similar to that of iTunes/Spotify. MusicKit JS only offers 1 queue song which makes it hard for controlling shuffling. - Artists/songs blocking . Songs you block or songs from the blocked artists will be filtered out of any playlists you play. - An interactive map to check out top charts around the world. Maeve is still a work in progress as there are still a lot of things I’d love to add to it (An Electron app is in the making). Would love to hear your feedback & and any additional features you'd want to see. Thank you ❤ Cheers, An
@an_t_tran Maeve looks great An! Congrats on the launch!
@vantoai : Thanks. Glad you like it 😀
Really impressed with the UI/UX. Maeve team has done a fantastic job.
Congrats on the launch, tried Maeve few times before its launch, love the design and how it works. ❤️
@nhuphan0404 Thanks Winnie 😄
Nice product @anli_ru 👍I love that you give user various options like changing a theme. And It's open source too.!! Look forward to the desktop app too! 😄
@minhoko : Thanks Minho 😄
This product is simply fantastic. I have spent a good a few minutes learning how to use it and testing features out. Incredibly flexible and elegant layout <3<3<3
@scottnn Thanks 🙏