Snapchat meets Twitter.

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Elad Hemar
Elad HemarMaker@eladh
Hey guys! Elad here, co-founder of Madhat. It's great to launch our new app on ProductHunt. Would be great to get some feedback and hear what you guys think. Madhat is kind of like "Snapchat for social" and let's you tweet disappearing photos directly into your followers stream. We built it with a purpose of bringing new type of content to your Twitter followers, and do it in the easiest and fastest way possible. Disappearing photos have shown us that the casual and sometimes more fun, bold content enabled users with a new way to express themselves. We believe that this "sending photos of what I'm doing now, without the commitment of it being live forever…" as a form of conversation has a place in the social mediums too - and we decided initially enable it for Twitter - the fastest, "live/now" network. We wanted the instant self-destructing photo tweet to go live with one simple tap (we actually added more stuff - but then - decided to reduce it to the ultra-simple version we launched here - making our features self-destruct :)). We also added some stickers, doodles and cool texts to bring a bit more fun to the experience. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask me anything!
Take This Out
Take This Out@takethisout · @KeepNone
@eladh Awesome App! I would love to ask you some questions about Madhat. What's the best way to reach you?
Elad Hemar
Elad HemarMaker@eladh
@takethisout Thanks, on Twitter @eladh
Ben Lang
Ben Lang@benln · Shipping
Super cool! Feels like Snapchat + Twitter combined. Good luck guys.
Elad Hemar
Elad HemarMaker@eladh
@benln Thanks Ben! :) We wanted to make is as fast and simple as possible. And add some fun to it...
Franky Aguilar
Franky Aguilar@deleted-41279 · We out here 👽 Los Angeles