Madgicx for Facebook Ads

The 1st full-stack Facebook advertising platform

Full-Stack Facebook Ads Platform
Facebook Marketing Partner
5 Key Products in 1 platform
πŸ‘₯ AI Audience Creation
πŸ›  Automation tactics that fire in real-time
β™Ÿ Campaign management
πŸ“ˆ Ad-Set Performance management
πŸ“Š Automated Reporting
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20 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt Peeps, We know how hard it is to find and hire a good Facebook Ads Manager or agency to manage your Facebook Ads. And if you're an agency, we know how hard it is to manage multiple accounts and grow the agency. That's why we created madgicx: The Last Word for Facebook Advertising Technology. 5 key products in 1 platform: πŸ‘₯ AI Audience Creation πŸ“ˆ Performance mgmt. β™Ÿ Campaign mgmt. πŸ›  Automations πŸ“Š Reporting ROAS Uplift is guaranteed! We know that most advertising technologies have a negative ROI after calculating the product cost, we promise that Madgicx won't disappoint you. Just Start your FREE trial now, click a few buttons, and create Thousands in Profit. See you on the other side ! <3
This Platform is worth way more then they charge.
Thanks @sivan_miller Appreciate your warm support !
I've Got a 17X ROI from this platform so I decided to make the Madigcx team a favour and let the world know about this incredibly new and innovative Facebook Advertising Platform.
@anja_stosic Wow! Thanks for sharing your story!
We are proud to show you a tool that that seriously improves performance for all media-buyers πŸ‘ You have questions? We are here to guide you. Ask if applies to your business and you'll be surprised of all the ways it does! Take it to the next level and start your free trial. The ROAS you will gain in the first week will explain our excitement about this product and make you high returnsπŸ’°πŸ’° πŸ’° Have a good hunt! 🏹