Madeon: Adventure Machine

Create your own mashups & mixes from Madeon's new album

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Love Madeon. This is good marketing that's actually fun to use. It doesn't feel spammy and half-assed like most other campaigns.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan :) we wanted to make sure it wasn't spammy. It was first and foremost a fun thing to play with.
Thanks for the hunt jon :D We loved making this, it was one of those annoying things to make where it was so much fun that every time we went to try and bug fix we would get caught playing with it too much. And working directly with Hugo (Madeon) was also fun... There's loads of experimental tech going on behind the scenes, getting it all to sync perfectly even on mobile was a challenge, and there's even Web MIDI support if you have a Launchpad... If anyone has any comments, please let me know, and if anyone spots any bugs we'll get them sorted!
As a huge Madeon fan, this is packed full of awesome, I could spend endless hours playing with this. Great job!
I saw @madeon live a few years ago at a venue that's actually right across the street from our Product Hunt office. I'm curious where the idea for Madeon Adventure Machine came from and more broadly, how he thinks about marketing and distribution in today's free streaming, social economy.
This is AWESOME! Madeon is one of my favorites hands down. Also, dat epic-lols tag doe...
@evanczhou lol there were a few other hidden ascii eggs, but i removed them in the end
This is sweet! After playing with it for a few minutes, I can only imagine what it feels like to be a pro record spinner!