Made For ChromeOS

A crowd-sourced list of Android apps optimized for ChromeOS

#2 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2018

Made For ChromeOS is a crowd-sourced list of android apps optimized for use with chromebooks. Anyone can add their favorite app. Simply add the app URL and start adding some key information. Is it compatible with keyboard input? Does it work well with a stylus? Let the community know!

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Hi Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ The Problem πŸ€” I received my Google Pixelbook just about three days ago and I was looking forward to trying some of my favorite Android apps. After I installed a couple, I've noticed that not all of them are optimized for ChromeOS and don't make use of the bonus real estate πŸ’» . The Solution πŸ’‘ I started a thread on Reddit asking people to add their favorite apps to a Google Sheet and, to my surprise, people started adding apps! In about a day we got around 70 apps added by the community that, however, started asking for some more control over the content (like upvotes) and this is why I came up Made For Chrome OS. Made for ChromeOS is a crowd-sourced list of Android apps optimized for Chrome OS devices. You can simply add the Play store link and some data will be automatically pre-populated for you. Then add some key information about the product (e.g. stylus compatibility) and share it with the community. It is still pretty basic, however, it should already help anyone who's looking for some cool Android apps for their ChromeOs device. Let me know in the comments ⬇️ what you would like to see from the product and I'll start adding features that you guys want. I made Made for Chrome OS with much ❀️ in 24h straight from my beloved Pixelbook (yes, you can code using a Chromebook!). Any feedback is much appreciated πŸ™‡
Great job, Andrea! A limitation of this platform is the apparent inability to comment on a given app. For example, MS Word does not support split screen.
@neuromatico Thanks a lot for the feedback Richard. Adding comments is definitely something that makes sense. Let me take care of that πŸ‘
@neuromatico Comments are now a thing πŸ˜„ let me know what you think and whether they work as expected πŸ™Œ . Shameless plug to CommentApp for making it so easy and quick to add comments.
chrome book have a great potential but Google is Puting a blind eye on it. Thanks for this great make
@armin_nikdel thanks! Glad you find it helpful. I reckon that Google and the whole community in general is starting to take chrome os more seriously. The slate is kinda buggy and this means that they have to invest resources in making the ux better and hopefully, that will impact ChromeOS as a whole
it's very usefull and also is written in vue <3