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New OS for Mac! Naturally, I'll install it in a couple months.
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@cm0nt0y4 juuuuust incase :)
@cm0nt0y4 Yeah I'll wait for a few bug fixes as well
@cm0nt0y4 When you do get around to installing it I made a free tool so you can clean install it by making a bootable USB installer out of it. Here it is: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
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@bntzio @cm0nt0y4 I thought the same but I already installed everything ok at the moment, some people said it is faster I didn't notice.
Would this work with siri?
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Will the makers please identify themselves on here? Thanks.
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Saying "Alexa" is so much more natural than the hands-free "Hey Siri"
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@nivo0o0 Not to me i'm bilingual :P
@nivo0o0 Unfortunately, hands free Siri is not available in Mac OS! Only in iPhone and iPads.
@chakkaradeep the keyboard shortcut is really quick tho! (option + spacebar) and the Siri icon is right at the bottom. They can't enable hands free on Mac imo because it would get in the way of hands free Siri on iPhone (which I just enabled, and works great). But I guess they could prioritize on Mac or something like that if both devices pick it up
@chakkaradeep @nivo0o0 Somebody should make an app that makes this happen, so when you say "hey siri" it just initiates the button press...
@nivo0o0 Yep. Its a bit tricky but Apple should know which to prioritize.
If you work in production, don't be a noob and upgrade. Either wait a few months or install it on another partition.
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@seankillstime never had problems with early updates and already checked all my current apps for compatibility 😄 I'll be upgrading asap
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@seankillstime this is so true. If you are a software engineer, just wait a bit. I read on HN it broke some homebrew tools and stuff.
@seankillstime El Capitan download went perfectly, besides some brief homebrew updating. However, Mavericks nearly bricked my computer. I'm waiting a few months, unless there's a must-have feature that my apps have only on Sierra 😝