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- Safari is now the worlds fastest desktop browser - JavaScript - 80% faster performance on Safari - Automatic autoplay blocking, for those annoying websites - Intelligent tracking prevention - External GPU support for Metal 2 development - Search Top Hits, using Spotlight to identify the most relevant emails - Mail now uses 35% disk space (Pied Piper acquisition ๐Ÿ‘€) - New Photos search experience - Photo Book printing service is opening up to third parties
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@nickabouzeid What is - Intelligent tracking prevention? I didn't watch WWDC as my love of Apple is just about gone, unfortunately.
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@brianjking Going to block cookies & ad-trackers that follow your browsing habits as you browse the web.
@nickabouzeid So where exactly is the innovation here?
@nickabouzeid Doesn't seem like this is available yet
@jmarkbangerter We'll update the link once it's public!
Naming things is hard
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I am kinda amazed at how people are so negative about these things. I think their ARKit and ML APIs are pretty amazing. Great job Apple.
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@anthonygawonlee people will whine about everything and anything. Yeah, it's a bit meh, but let's be honest, a lot of their announcements were pretty fucking cool!
@andrewfturnerjr people have just gotten used to apple always having something super exciting in updates
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