macOS Catalina

The brand new OS for Mac

macOS Catalina gives you more of everything you love about Mac. Experience music, TV, and podcasts in three all-new Mac apps. Enjoy your favorite iPad apps now on your Mac. Extend your workspace and expand your creativity with iPad and Apple Pencil.
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Nothing special. As always. After 5 years on Mac switched to Windows. And feel the freedom.
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@alexgoncharov you're kidding, right? The support for iPad apps is huge. MacOS has just become 10x more useful.
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@alexgoncharov Not sure if I'd go for Mac again.. Definitely not Windows though... I'm very interested in Linux though.
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@andrei_nedelcu i think this new os is not supporting the ipad apps, but it's a new sort of Third. OS for both ipad and macis.. The existing apps aren't going to work, instead developers have to build new apps targeting this new OS system...
@alexgoncharov @ronald as the old saying goes, Linux is free for as long as your time has no value...
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new background image is nice
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@spindriftur thats always the highlight xD
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When my computer is 3 years old, I stop doing updates. All my previous Macs and iPhones stopped working properly when reaching 3 years old, after an update. My mid-2015 Macbook is still doing great but I got to stick to Sierra. Then you learn Apple actually does programmed obsolescence. Just wanted to share my hate for that company.
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@baptiste_bohelay all companies have planned obsolescence it’s why we have new models. I have a 10 year Mac and it’s chugging a long fine with upgrades. Some is just the value of diminishing returns.
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@baptiste_bohelay I'm pretty sure they throttle on purpose for battery life :/
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@baptiste_bohelay I have an early-2015 MacBook Air. Working great on Mojave, zero issues. Should I be afraid to update it to Catalina??..
@anna_0x your mileage may vary. I’ve had MacBooks that crap out just because my workflows AND the os were just too intensive where the board failed and the device was no longer hardware supported. I have a device now that handles the betas with ease. Know if your device is still supported by apple (it should be) and find out if the app upgrades (usually the killer) will have an effect on your computer.
Thanks for the insight. I’m pretty sure I’ll update it since I have no issues at the moment... but perhaps I’ll have to stop updating in the future. @kreevers
Would you like to try it now?
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Does it fix the mbpr keyboard? Or maybe a crappy camera? Or a dongle hell?
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