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Everyone! Hey :) We’re so excited to launch the Machine Learnings newsletter (http://subscribe.machinelearning...) on Product Hunt today. Our community is made up of nearly 10,000 (awesome) readers, writers, and practitioners who want to learn a little more about AI and machine learning every week. We help people make sense of how AI & ML will impact their lives by curating and creating AI content that is accessible and just plain interesting. We try to never regurgitate headlines, always add our own 2 cents, and keep things conversational. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you who sign up! Pumped to hear your thoughts. Just incase your inbox is already slammed, here’s the Machine Learnings publication on Medium: https://machinelearnings.co/ and the Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & AI https://machinelearnings.co/a-hu... Sam 🤖❤️😺 p.s. Andy Sparks, thanks for hunting us! ❤️
Top of the shelf newsletter right here. 10/10 would recommend
@kevinleeme thanks Kevin!
@kevinleeme You rock, Kevin. Thank you!
Nice @samdebrule! Does this include all things AI, ML, NLP, bots, etc. or is it more narrowly focused?
@smalter Thanks Walter! AI, ML, NLP, and bots are all fair game. If the content is interesting, accessible, and has to do with any form of AI or its applications, it has a good chance of being included.
I subscribed to Machine Learnings last December and i didn't regret it. The curation is 👌 I discover lots of good content thanks to @samdebrule 👏 Congrats on the launch and thank you for making this newsletter 👍
@mrcalexandre Thanks for the kind words Alexandre. Excited to hear that you're enjoying it - thanks for being part of the community! Any recommendations on what we can do to improve it?
@samdebrule You're welcome, thanks for curating it :) I don't think of any improvements at the moment but if I think of one I will tell you 😉
Excited to start reading this newsletter. Also great onboarding flow :)
@michaelcjoseph Thanks Michael! Kudos goes to Avi on that one. Btw, our lil robot is still looking for a name. If you have any suggestions, sound off.
@samdebrule Haha I'm horrible with names. I'd say Alexa but that seems to already be taken.