MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro with TouchBar and more

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Stanley Idesis — Developer, Consultant, and Teen Idol
Not buying until they remove the headphone jack. What do they think this is, August 2016?
Eon —
@sisedi At least they removed the glowing apple logo on the back
Stanley Idesis — Developer, Consultant, and Teen Idol
@eonpilot yeah but when you interact with the new touch bar, it gently tattoos the apple logo onto each fingertip
Eon —
@sisedi Seriously though you know this touch bar is going to be 👌 for XCode/snippets/clipboards etc etc. Productivity here we come!
Stanley Idesis — Developer, Consultant, and Teen Idol
@eonpilot yeah I'm pretty stoked but won't be getting one anytime soon
@sisedi I guess they're still working up the courage to remove the headphone jack on the MacBook.
Pravin Singh — Founding Member, Applozic
Coleman Oates — hustling dude @osmoll
@sisedi this is great.
Mohan Belani — CEO, e27
@eonpilot @sisedi I wish they had kept it though :(
Tristan Pollock — EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
@sisedi preach
Jack Dweck — Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Take my money

Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@jackdweck emojibar FTW
cj little — technologist
@jackdweck I wanted to resist. I tried to resist. But yes, please just take my money. And more of my money for ever accessory I currently own but in USB-C form...
Adam Sturrock — Co-founder @moltin
@bentossell @jackdweck The emoj-iBar 😎 (sorry couldn't help myself)
cj little — technologist
@jackdweck 15" loaded = $4,299. They make you pay for the 2TB, that's for sure. I'm going to wait for a 32GB refresh for now, so in a bizarre reversal "Keep my money". :-D
Micha Mazaheri — Founder, Paw (native HTTP client on Mac)
@ibcj @jackdweck I agree 16GB max is a little disappointing…
Jean-Philippe Boily — Founder @ Metrics Watch
@mittsh @ibcj @jackdweck yeah, I was expecting to be able to get a 32GB too...but well, they took my money for an almost maxed one (besides SSD, 1TB is enough for me).
Alex King — Creative Expert
@ibcj I totally agree. I'd be all over this if it had a 32gb ram option.
Bo Wang — Researcher, AI, NLP
@jackdweck I don't look at the keyboard when i'm typing though, not for me.
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