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Not buying until they remove the headphone jack. What do they think this is, August 2016?
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@sisedi At least they removed the glowing apple logo on the back
@eonpilot yeah but when you interact with the new touch bar, it gently tattoos the apple logo onto each fingertip
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@sisedi Seriously though you know this touch bar is going to be 👌 for XCode/snippets/clipboards etc etc. Productivity here we come!
@eonpilot yeah I'm pretty stoked but won't be getting one anytime soon
Take my money
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@jackdweck emojibar FTW
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@jackdweck I wanted to resist. I tried to resist. But yes, please just take my money. And more of my money for ever accessory I currently own but in USB-C form...
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@bentossell @jackdweck The emoj-iBar 😎 (sorry couldn't help myself)
@jackdweck 15" loaded = $4,299. They make you pay for the 2TB, that's for sure. I'm going to wait for a 32GB refresh for now, so in a bizarre reversal "Keep my money". :-D
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@ibcj @jackdweck I agree 16GB max is a little disappointing…
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Dont care what anyone thinks... I think the TouchBar looks Cool AF I hate my keyboard now. 'Microsoft has a touchscreen though....' - yeah but its Microsoft... EDIT: seems my 'yeah but its MS' has touched a nerve with some of you.... its my personal opinion ✌️
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@bentossell why did i just buy a macbook pro last mth... fml
@bentossell yeah but it's Microsoft seems like the such an awful statement to base purchases on. MS is killing it right now and Apple is stagnating IMO.
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@mildrenben killing it with outdated I/O: no USB-C on a $3k computer, outdated graphics cards, etc. The concept is nice, but I don't need it, I can't draw anyway.
@mburns87 if you bought it less than 30 days ago, you should be able to return it. Apple has a very liberal return policy, so you can return even used items
@bentossell Looks to me like amongst the most dysfunctional things ever seen. It's a gimmick I would expect from a gaming keyboard. I'm faster with my shortcuts and mouse than I would ever be with that battery absorbing gimmick bar.
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I don't think most people really care about a "faster processor" but emojis support... 😍💰
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@rrhoover did you see the interview with Craig, they why they spent 1/3 of WWDC talking about iMessage instead of other things. He said, when we do better performance bugs and whatnot no one cares, but the second we add 2 emojis the whole world goes crazy! 😂
@rrhoover It's all about the DJ now... scratch support? check ✅
Now I just need to quit programming and become a DJ
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