Macbook Air with Retina

The popular laptop with more power and a beautiful display

#2 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2018

Apple today introduced an all-new MacBook Air, bringing a stunning 13-inch Retina display, Touch ID, the latest processors and an even more portable design to the world’s most loved notebook.

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1200$ for a laptop with dual core processor and DDR3 RAM in no way justifies the premium Apple is asking for it. No matter how good the retina display is.


Build quality and the hardware software integration


Doesn't justify its price

Not agree, it will work for the next 3-4 years with no downsides if you will treat the laptop properly. Speaking of Windows laptops, you're going to spend half of the price each year and going to hassle with all cons of Windows.
Loved the New MacBook Air!! 😊 very upset with the pricing it should have been more reasonable as the Mac air previous generation. Indian pricing is very expensive and unreasonable.
@ayush_chandra More expensive becoz of our great Indian tax!
@dayaldave yep! Thought it is going to be affordable but glad the previous ones are still available. The pricing of Indian continent is always high with taxes and only option to import but cTch is that we Can’t claim warranty here
@dayaldave @ayush_chandra Mac has international warranty
@dayaldave @adithya how to avail it in India, Spoke to Apple person that in December he said it doesn’t have
@ayush_chandra With so far what we've seen, it's best to don't expect Apple to provide affordable products until they replace CEO, Tim Cook... Otherwise he'll make more expensive and remove all the ports. And for India - until they assemble their products in India, which will help to reduce the tax rate. Eg: Samsung
This is a beauty, although I prefer a Macbook Pro because the bigger 15" screen > the Macbook Air's portability, for me.
@rrhoover can't use 15" on plane comfortably
@rrhoover noooo, portability for the win! The battery life is fantastic too. For me that's much more important so I'm excited there's an upgrade! (I have the early 2015 model) But why did they kill magsafe?? That I will never understand. Just why. The perfect charger just gone.
@briansugar it's so annoying :(
@rrhoover Can't just whip out your Mac fast enough with the 15''
@rrhoover Same feeling with the Pro 15" screen. Those extra inches make all the difference.

Very nicely-designed product, but a lot of the price goes into their marketing of it.


Nice design. Lots of apps and software available.


Overpriced, impossible to work on or upgrade, everything is proprietary.

The 13" Air is the primary workhorse in our company. These little things take a beating and rarely have any issues. Glad they've updated them.
@andreasduess "workhorse"? I'm guessing mostly email and maybe some light dev, then? I don't think in 2018 you can call a 2-core machine a workhorse.
@joshuapinter Not everybody is a developer and/or designer. Our Account Execs, Community Managers and events people have more than enough horsepower available with an Air.