Macaw UI Kit

React-native theme for your social media & e-commerce app

Macaw UI Kit is a react-native theme that offers a complete package when it comes to developing your new mobile application.

We include in this product:

- React native code with expo

- React native code that works without expo

- The sketch files

- Photoshop design files

- And Adobe XD files

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Hi Hunters, Thank you for checking out our product. We worked on this one for many months. We are offering you in this package the PSD, Sketch & XD files + the react native (with expo support) and the simple react native theme. You can check out the sample as well on our website and on the expo website to see how the theme looks before you buy. As an offer for being on producthunt we do give you a coupon for 40% off. Use PRODUCTHUNT at checkout to get that. Thank you
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@chocksy This is amazing. Any plans to do corporate sales ? Was thinking loud - How about reaching out to companies hiring for UI designer/mobile app designer ?

Just loved it!


nice product, easy to use, cool design, documented



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Thank you Sergiu :)
@chocksy The page on Expo doesn’t allow downloading of the demo. It says it’s not a public project so you can’t download the preview.
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@francisco_ramos I just got it public again. It seems like it gets private when we push an update. Thank you.
@francisco_ramos @chocksy It says on Expo that it is disabled again 😕 hopefully it's enabled again soon so we can give it a try! 😁
@dkast hi. i just checked and it’s open. you just need to scan the code for it to work.
@dkast it does say indeed that it’s not present on feeds but that is not something i can fix.
Looks very nice, great job guys !!
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@panioglo_sergiu thank you man. I'm glad you like it. :D

There's a lot of content to choose from, I could make an infinity of apps just from this kit


All the elements go so well together, they're also well organized


Can't think of any cons

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Thank you! :D